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  • Yogaplay, Music and Self-Regulation
    04/03/2015 –04/03/2015
    Using music, movement and yoga activities to help young children develop self-regulation through ‘pretend play’.
  • Working with Children from 0 to 3 Years
    10/03/2015 –10/03/2015
    Achieving developmental milestones; addressing the ‘sensitive periods’ including movement, language sensory perception, weaning (self-feeding) and toileting; observation of the infant and toddler; importance of routine and consistency; the prepared environment; independence from birth.
  • Percussion Music Games
    11/03/2015 –11/03/2015
    A variety of practical and useful ways to teach songs, dances, musical games and percussion instrument-based activities to help to develop a child's social, emotional, physical and creative skills.

ACECQA New Application Forms

CLICK ON THIS LINK: Here you will find forms that may be required under the new arrangements in place from 2012. Regulatory authorities in each jurisdiction are responsible for assessing most applications and notifications. Each form contains the contact details for the authority in your state or territory.

There are three broad areas that application forms to regulatory authorities fall under:

  • Provider approval – these forms should be used by those who own or operate services and want to apply to become an approved provider or amend existing provider status
  • Service approval – these forms should be used by approved providers who want to apply to operate a service or centre. Nominated supervisor forms, waiver forms and other forms related to the running of a service can also be found here
  • Supervisor certificate approval – these forms should be used by those who want to apply to become a certified supervisor or amend their certified supervisor status.
  • Provider Information Sheet - Services can use this form to create a provider information sheet for parents.

NSW DEC's Form

If you are the holder of a current provider approval, please use this form (Click here) to update details in relation to the transition to the National Quality  Framework. Please use a separate form for each service.

Child Care NSW will keep updating information as it becomes available.